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Terry (Terence) Newman (aka Dr Tel) is an author and award-winning writer for film, animation, stage, musicals, television, radio, games and New Media and a former Lecturer in Scriptwriting at the University of Brighton.

A writer of original scripts and book-to-film adapter, he is also much in demand as a script doctor for both commercial and entertainment projects. He is regularly brought in to solve structural problems and to add vivacity and humour to flagging dialogue. He is also a writer of bestselling comedy fantasy novels; science fiction and children's books too. The above is what he thinks such an author should look like. He might be right.


Delighted to report that my short comedy drama film: 'The Messiah's First Night' will be filming later this month in East Sussex! Directed by the talented Marinella Setti - it features many of my normal obsessions! More on this later!   

The animation feature script TIME WILL TELL is getting hot it seems!

Delighted to receive this award - filming NOW!

Also: 'Persistence of the Past' Short Film. Humanity Award at the New Renaissance London Film Festival 2021.  This award is given to a film that carries an important social or humanitarian message. The award was previously won by Oscar winner The Silent Child in 2017.

New accolades with my colleagues at Rapsodies as well:

'Chasing Robert Parker', which Terry was brought in to work on at the request of the producers went on to win 'Best Action Feature' at the 2016 UK National Film Awards. A terrific result for everybody involved!

See Terry's IMDB details here

Terry still writes extensively for live performance as well as film, TV and radio. At present he has two musicals written for clients in UK and in Canada, plus 3 separate films optioned and in preproduction.

Please do contact him directly if you would like to see existing scripts or are interested in hiring him to help with your project.

Delighted to announce: The 'Guy Fawkes' CD is here!

The studio cast album for this exciting New Musical, for which I wrote the book and  many of the lyrics, is now available! It's a corker! 

NEWS! The latest adventure of #1 Kindle Epic Fantasy Bestselling 'Detective Strongoak' is now available in paperback and ebook.

Available to order from Amazon in America, the UK and throughout the world.

"I loved the mix of fantasy, crime and comedy in A Dead Elf. This new adventure is even more fun. *****" Scribbler



For your pre-teens! From Amazon in paperback and ebook


!Comic verses and more!

Also for the smaller human beings: enjoy some of my stories and songs with Bimi Boo and friends. Now available on Amazon Prime

For grown ups only

Written with composer, writer and cardiologist David Alter - a satirical SF extravaganza:



For the team behind the fantastic Qinoto Game. Well done us!



*Read more about me in this chat with the Writers' Guild about life as a writer, do check, do join!

Former biomedical research scientist Terry Newman hung up his microscope one day, left the lab and started writing jokes for the stage, then radio, then TV. He then moved into drama, wrote plays and films and now writes for just about anything and everything: film, theatre, TV, animation, radio, Internet, mobile phones and TV, both drama and comedy His work has won several awards, including the 2004 Fringe Report Drama Writer of the Year, a Headline Highlight Award for his play 'Burke and Hare' and he was part of the BAFTA-nominated 'Rory Bremner, Who Else?' writing team. In 2015 his first novel was published by Harper Voyager and became a #1 Kindle Epic Fantasy Best seller. He was part of the writing team for the 2016 UK National Film Awards' Best Action Feature "Chasing Robert Barker" and is currently working on his first GAME story.


"Terry is an excellent and efficient script-writer. He rewrote the script within 48 hours, improving it beyond recognition. I would recommend Terry extremely highly."

Helen Glanville, Former Senior BBC Producer (Panorama, Newsnight, Watchdog, etc) now owner Hawkeye Media.

"Terry has been a joy to work with. He's a consummate professional and tremendous resource. We highly recommend him."

Nework Productions, USA

Detective, hat wearer, and smartest dressed dwarf this side of New Iron Town and now published by Harper Voyager in his first adventure .


See the book trailer HERE


*** Delighted to be working with Planet Spark and Magical 7 Studios on major animation education series!

*** The game that I help write has won an award for BEST GAME DESIGN at the Taipei Games Show! Absolutely chuffed for everybody.

***Almost out of the blue, a chance to work with some of the funniest guys around. Let's hear it for The Crack'.

***Just love the challenge of a new proper serious feature film script. It's going to be cracking!

***New TV pilot from a book that just might be the new ... sh, can't say!

***Very excited to be involved in another game story for a SF special!

***I am dead chuffed that a short story of mine ‘Time’ is a runner-up in ‘The Cornish Writing Challenge’. It can be read here

***Over-excited to be working on my first game story! Such brilliant game design. Got to be keeping the details a bit quite at the moment. Shhh.

***Delighted to writing children's animation again - such fun! 3D and a lovely storyline for what promises to be a smashing series for the Czech company. 

***A DEAD ELF smashes 6000 sold! *****

***'Chasing Robert Barker' feature film available on VOD from Dec 19 2016.

*** Excited to be at a private screening of the MATTHEWS documentary I helped on. Well done all and great success anticipated.

*** Cornea Communications documentary series extended length and numbers!***

*** New Feature film script has funding - more to come on that!


*** 'CHASING ROBERT BARKER' awarded BEST ACTION FEATURE at the UK National Film Awards 2016! Yes, we beat Star Wars.

*Script doctoring for one of the funniest books I've come across in years. Can't mention a word yet - but it's ... oh, just wait and see!

*Fun to do a Radio Advert Script again. Wish DAILY RIDE every success with their interesting app.

*News on MATTHEWS the feature documentary I worked on with Seven Media Productions - it is now streaming. You might even see me saying a few words of wisdom, unless you blink. All jolly exciting!

*Waterslate Pictures's 'Project Blackbird', for which I am the showrunner, is looking very exciting and I'm hoping to be able to release news soon.

*Very excited to announce the rather wonderful Wireless Theatre Company have released the audio version of my play 'ADAM AND EVE ... AND ERIC'. The heart-warming story of homosexuality in the Garden of Eden. What a lot of fun! Just go here for a listen

*Spotty Dog Pictures most popular outing. Gosh it seems so long ago now! He was pumped up you know? For the full works go here

* First glimpse of some more Eddy the Electron: coming soon!

*More animation! This time in 3D! A fascinating project for my first Australian client in a while.

*Really chuffed to be appointed Head Staff Writer for Seven Media in the USA - exciting times ahead there. 

*I am now writing ‘the book’ for a musical called ‘Resurrection’ for a brilliant songwriter name of David Alter. He’s got a top show with knockout songs, full of imagination, which I believe will be an absolute winner!

*Highly animated to be writing more animation, this time with Engineering Adventures in Bristol. Here's a first look at Electric Eddy the electron:

*Excited to be leading a team of writers for WARPHY ARTISTIC SERVICES LIMITED, Malta, on a fantastic television project. Keep watching for more details

*Always great to make a new connection and looking forward to lots more work with PJ and MEDIAOLA

*Comedy monologues

Comedy monologues written for those nice chaps at RADEAS all about Modern Technology; available at: BBCÂ Radio Scotland

*The appeartome York City App

The appearto me City hologram app

This project I wrote for is now up and running in York. Very pleased to have written many of the characters. It looks very impressive from here - can't wait to get to York to try it out. 

*PUSS IN BOOTS - coming soon!

Look out for 'Puss in Boots', the world's first animated emusical, which Terry helped write and edit. Windy Press International Digital Publishing House won an award for their first published book: well done you guys, here's to many more!

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