Terry Newman: author, scriptwriter and doctor  - drtel @btinternet.com
Songs and Pictures   
Terry writes lyrics to commission as well as his own songs for stage and radio. 

New on the Player
Songs from 'Mile High - the Musical' written with the irrepressible Music man, Mr Mike Hume! The Lost Theatre London 2013. 

Thanks to cast members!

Also on the player: songs from 'Lucifer - My Part in the New Labour Project' - Vocals, the very talented  Matt Roper, at the piano maestro Duncan Walsh-Atkins.

And 'Arron the Aardvark' from the award-winning 'Dulcas's Women' with the multi-talented musically magnificent Tara Hendry! 


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Terry is a published cartoonist and caricaturist and loves doing what has been described as 'his little drawings'.
Flyer for 'Rag and Bone', the play that never happened.

Preliminary drawing for 'What Do you Do the Night After You've Saved the Universe?' promotional material - a play that did happen!
Promotional artwork for 'Hooray for Holyrood!! RADEAS Productions:


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