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Terry Newman - current and produced writing highlights
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Project Black Bird – 

Excitement, Mystery and Magic in Malta 

TV Pilot film.  Waterslate Film Company, Malta. 2016-17

Lead writer/co-creator

MBFSR for RADEAS Productions. TV Proposal with Pier Productions for C4 2014 
Project M Ghost-writing Four episodes of English Language Arabic Historical Epic.  

Sit com – commissioned writer, HRH Productions with Grand Scheme Media 2014

Twinkle Twinkle Star - DCreative for STAR Network- Creator and writer. 2011
Comedy Sketch show
Fun for all the family with a host of new comedy characters. Co-Creator and writer
Bremner, Bird and Fortune’. Sketch writer. Channel 4. Producer Mark Robson. BAFTA award nominated series.
Invasion of the Laundry Monsters pilot children's animation script for Carnival Figures.
Holy Shit pilot animation script for Paul Anderson
The Way It Is 2000 BBC 1. Producers Anil Gupta, Alex Walsh-Taylor. Writer.
Rory Bremner, Who Else? 1997-1998. Gag writer. Channel 4.
The Mark Brailsford Show. 1997. Topical Sketch writer. L!VE TV
Lead Balloon.1999. Sketch writer. Paramount Comedy Channel
Ex Machina. 1999 Pilot comedy animation script. Writer and Script Editor. Digital Horde



Promotional video written for Seven Media brought to life by Umaxit

MATTHEWS - Feature Documentary 2016-17

Definitive documentary on football genius Sir Stanley Matthews

Staff Writer and pundit

CLOCKTOWER - Feature film commission - Producer D. Mitchel 2017
Project WM - feature film co-writer 2017


Adaptation to film of the book by Ava Brown 2015. Optioned 2016


Paranoia in London Town
Script Consultant. Additional Writing.

Rendezvous documentary series 2016

Cornea Productions Turkey

Espresso Lungo

Espresso Lungo - Short film commission 

Anas B - Saudi Arabia. Writer/creator


Animated feature film . El K Australia 2015.


BALLS! Feature film Commission 2013-14, Director David Palmer. Writer

BDH Feature Film Script Consultant/CO-WRITER, David Gibb, Canada, 2013
The Second Wife  Feature Film. Commissioned Writer Director Leon James, Austalia


Commissioned film adaptation of the book by Douglas Lipp, USA 

The Deepam Feature Film. Commissioned Writer, dcreative 2012

The Tree of Pan 2012
The Tree of Pan
Magical Realism in Madeira
Cinnamon Girl Productions
Script Consultant
The Pictures of Bruno Schulz with Screen South

The Pictures of Bruno Schulz
Feature film based on the life and tragic death of writer and artist Bruno Schulz during World War II.
What Do you Do the Night After You’ve Saved the Universe?
What Do you Do the Night After You’ve Saved the Universe?
Film adaptation of my produced play. What superheroes do on their day off. 

OUT OF IRAQ (co-writer) Tigris Productions.  

PIE  - animation feature. 
Pie: Script Consultant

co-writen with director Marinella de Setti.  

THE GREY PANTHER (co-writer) with Paul Evans. Producer Melanie Dicks. Optioned by Handsome films.        
Wheelworld animated feature. Homemade Arts and Entertainment. Optioned by producer Ryan Harrison.
An animation feature based on my recently completed novel of a world where everything (almost) has evolved wheels - nature red in tooth and tread!  

Countdown with producer Hannah Quinn Gosh Productions

VEIL - The Dead are hungry and they are heading for the Diner. Cowriter with Andy Dodds, director.  2014


Deja Moo - script and comedy consultant. 2013

Winner Best Teen Film. Stuttgart Animation Festival 2013 Director Stefan Mueller


Short animated cartoon scripts for their in-house characters 

Remi Padadac Films(co-writer with David Padadac)
Remi 2012
A lyrical tale about an illegal immigrant in a foreign city, struggling with separation and loss, and finding fortitude and liberation from the most unexpected and unlikely of sources.

'Reliable and Tidy Hoverfly looking for a place to Live'.

Animated short for The Woodland trust. Writer 2006
Saddam's Xmas Grotto Animated short film 2004 writer
Xmas Fun with Saddam and the gang!!
Last Letter from London (co-writer with David Barret) Carpenter's Mess Media. In production.
Last Letter from London
Before the painting, before the problems, Van Gogh wakes up to the strangest of days.
Off-Side(co-writer with Makalla Robotham) In development. Unknown Poets

The Green Wave' in development. Marchmont Films.
The Green Wave
The Taxi driver's urban legend changes the lives of two passengers.

School Trip - co-writer with director Markus Meedt 2012

Mile High


Mile High

Comedy musical . Co-writer words and songs.
The Lost Theatre London 2013

Lucifer - My Part in the New Labour Project

Lucifer -  Brighton, London and Edinburgh 2011
 At last, the version of the story that we have all been waiting to hear; the real insider's account of the political events that have shaped a generation. New Labour - what exactly was the Devil's role?

Adam and Eve and Eric The Nomad Players (from an Arts Council grant). Nomad Theatre, East Horsely 2008 
What Do You Do The Night After You’ve Saved the Universe? Canal Café Theatre May 2005.
Being Dennis Potter Canal Café Theatre 2005.
The Life and Times of a Wonder Woman. New York 2004. The Puffin Room, Skullduggery Productions. Edinburgh, 2003. C- Venue. Jackson Lane Theatre, London 2004. Hazlitt Theatre Maidstone, Kent 2004 CRITICS' CHOICE – The Herald
The Life and Times of a Wonder Woman
This multi-layered, one-hour, one-woman show is an ingenious conceit, a way of talking about feminism, sexuality and society's view of women, told through the history of a cultural icon … part history lesson, part feminist tract, all funny...  New York Times

Dulcas’s Women Jackson Lane Theatre March 2004, Jackson Lane Theatre March 2004 Pleasance Theatre Edinburgh 2003 . Nominated STAGE BEST ACTRESS. Fringe Report DRAMA WRITER OF THE YEAR 2004
DULCAS'S WOMEN is 14 sketches …. written with wit and guile by Terry Newman, Dulcas's Women is an alluring showcase of his dramatic work, varying from the hilarious, to the profound - and each acutely observed. Fringe Report Drama Writer of the year 2004

Burke and Hare
A very black comedy based on the Edinburgh grave robbers who gave up robbing graves for murdering people.
C venue Edinburgh 2003 
Brockley Jack Theatre, London, March 2004. Now available to download from The Wireless Theatre Company and Amazon Audible


Comedy on 5, 2000. Topical sketch writer. Harvey Nichols, London.
West Ending, 2000. CAA (Club for Acts and Actors) London.
Newsrevue, 1996-2013. Canal Cafe Theatre London. C Venue and The Underbelly, Edinburgh. Script editor/writer.
The Green Room Election Special, 1997 Green Room, London.

Adam and Eve ... and Eric

Sparkling audio adaptation of  the top comedy from The Wireless Theatre Company

Modern Times Monologues – RADEAS Productions for The Janice Forsyth Show BBC Scotland 2014

'Hooray for Holyrood'                                                           

Radeas Productions and BBC Scotland
Hooray for Holyrood!!
Political sit com - writer and co-creator. Broadcast pilot commissioned by BBC Scotland 2012.

Plus non-broadcast pilot
The Bearded Ladies 2004 Radio 2. Writer. Producer Carol Smith.
The News Huddlines 1997-2002 Radio 2. Commissioned writer. Producers Steve Doherty/Carol Smith.
The Russ Abbot Show Celador Productions, Producer Dirk Maggs. Celador Productions.
The Way It Is . Series 1-7.1998-2002 Radio 4. Commissioned writer. Producers Anil Gupta, Ash Atalla and Alex Walsh Taylor.
So What If I Am? Radio 4. Writer. Producer Maria Esposito.
The Tango Tea ladies’ 1999. Award-winning Commercial Radio Advertising Campaign. Sketch writer. With Mark Wooton.
Dead Ringers 1999. Sketch writer. Radio 4. Producer Bill Dare. 
What on Earth 1998 Radio 2 Commissioned writer. Producer Maria Esposito.
The Games Up 1998 Radio 5. Commissioned writer.
Week Ending 1997-1998 Radio 4. Commissioned writer.

Coping with Fear - Charity Video writer

Daily Drive– Radio commercial  


Scriptwriter for Phone App Company

BEKO Master Housework Campaign 


An Audio Tour of the Docklands Light Railway

Audio Guides written for Oculus Design & Communications Limited, Reading for the Docklands Light Railway


Learning powered by Imagination
Script writer

Script Consultant

Ultra reality applications. Appeartome, for York Tourist board. Scriptwriter 


Article writer

Process Engineering

Article Writing

Science insight site! And a variety of science blogs.
DTV UK LtdLondon. 

Script writer
(see The Interrogators personal training video - creator)

Buzz my Goat – internet/mobile phone company. Head Script writer
Personalised Hollyoaks videos for Buzz my Goat

Media Training and Corporate video company
Script Consultant 


Internet Audio Recordings
voice recordings for mobile phones. Script writer.


Head Script Writer

118 118                     

Comedy writer for Audio campaign


Delightful children's story

The Resurrection Show                                                                                                                                        

co-writer as Dalter T Newman 

Sf satire - "Thoroughly enjoyable, funny and thought provoking read"

’50 Finest’ Script Doctor – GoChannel. Tim Exell 2016

Harper Voyager  2015. #1 Kindle Bestseller Epic Fantasy 

Blue Hamster Project Ghost-writing and adding comedy to Autobiography
E. Phant Project - Ghost-writing and adding comedy to children’s novel.

A Widow's Weeds - Short graphic story
One woman's look at her life on
what should be the saddest of days

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