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Commercial Projects

A selection of Commercial Writing Projects

Betly, Online & Mobile App Sports Betting – Script writer 2020 

 Clearads – brand Youtube commercial Helen Robinson. 2020 – Election writer and Editor 2020

TESSA – explainer video – script consultant Producer Juyong D USA

‘Code Blue’ – hospital social media video. Dir. Oday Abid Saudi Arabia 2020

Kapi and Tiga – educational films Edsix Brain Lan Ltd 2020

Bimi Boo – educational animations and songs - 2019

Education Publications video promotion script consultant dir. Anshul Raja 2020

Selleo Software Developers – script writer 2020

Comedy classification – Project leader Ivan Spajic 2019 Cinema Comedy Information Idents – Nick Hunter, Sundown Cinema 2019 Radio Commercial Old Spice P&G script writer 2019

Planet Spark – maths education story videos 2018

Funny T-Shirt Design Ideas Writing Thomas W 2018

Synthesis Media article, blog and script writer. 2015-2019

snugglezzz – video script writer 2019 content and article writing 2010-2019

getanimated – medical animation script writer 2018

Introduction to Sir Stanley Matthews – Video script Umaxit for Seven Media – Writer 2017

Coping with Fear – Explainer Video Wendie V 2017

Daily Ride –Universal Home Berlin Radio commercial 2016 GoChannel Script Doctor 2016

Snugglezzz article writer 2016-2017

Crunch Time London 2014 Promotional Video Co-writer. Director Max Castle

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